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Our Roots

Marvel Kitchen is a UK based specialty catering company with over thirteen years of experience in providing tasty Anglo-African cusine for events.  We are extremely passionate about food, and that passion shows in the way we go about sourcing our ingredients, to the way we cook.

Our Menu

We are very flexible in our approach to creating a menu for your event: we often sit down with our clients to design bespoke dishes specifically for their events. This has built a reputation of excellent service for us.


Some of Our dishes

 delicious fusion of every tongue and every tribe


The Drumstic' Pyramid

 Our most recognized signature dish that cuts across every nationality and palette; slow-cooked chicken served with sauteed potato cubes served with fresh coriander eaves and fresh mixed vegetables 

Efo Riro & Poundo

No African party is complete  without this Nigerian staple: Pounded yam served with Efo Riro ( Slow-cooked spinach leaves, seasoned traditional Nigerian spices and garnished with an assortment of  stock fish & exotic cows cut )


Marvel Stories

Check out our Blog of stories from the events we cater to, as well as some recipes to help you marvel your friends.


-we Marvel you !-